Monday, January 10, 2011

Beginning the Journey of TY Bakery

It is interesting to see how things work out. What started as a love for hospitality and cooking has now turned into a business. Looking back to see how I got here has really happened very fast. I picked up an extra job working at a local coffee shop doing some baking. I have always been really good in the kitchen and have enjoyed creating new foods. Baking is one of those things that I did, but no more than the rest. I watch Food Network often and have had a fascination with the cake challenge shows, Ace of Cakes, and such. Only in my dreams did I imagine that I might be able to begin doing these sorts of things. After working at the coffee shop for only a month, I was let go due to what I was told, were budget cuts. Feeling energized in that kind of work, I began to make things that I had created for others. I made little papers that told people what I would make and for how much. Mostly people would request things that were not on the list, one being quiches. Those were a hit, Orders for those kept coming in. Cinnamon rolls were another.

First Fondant Cake
One thing I knew is that I had to create something that people couldn't just go to Walmart or Food Lion and pick up for themselves. It needed to be all from scratch, taste better, and look better. That was my goal. One day a friend of mine asked if I could make a cake. I knew I could. Then she asked if I could make a fondant cake. Oh... I had never really done that before. I played around with some home made fondant one time with my daughter but not really "made" a fondant cake ever. In nervousness, I said "sure"!! My stomach felt weak. I had to do this and it HAD to be good. I had watched so many shows and had heard so many tips about how to do this, I felt, I CAN do this!!! I bought what I felt I needed and got to work.

I couldn't believe what happened. The cake was AWESOME!! Now, it wasn't a Duff cake or anything, but I was proud. I began to think, wow, this is something I'm good at, and imagine how much better I'll be if I just practice. And practice is what I did. I went out, bought more fondant, colored it, and went to work. Well, during this time I also wanted the cake itself to be different and awesome, so I played around with different recipes, finding just what I wanted. And they were good too. 

Winter Cake
Opportunities just kept presenting themselves. A friend of mine, Dee Spruce, who is a business coach as one of her professions, began working with me (Also the same one who ordered my first fondant cake). She is still working with me at this time and is pushing me to really take this seriously. My mother-in-law, who also is acting as a business coach, is also pushing me the same. I am continuing to make more cakes. Each one I try different skills. I am so excited to see what is coming out. I see where I need to practice more but encouraged that I do have a gift for it. My husband is also very gifted in this.  
So in launches TY Bakery, really Tummie Yummies, but TY is so much easier. A facebook page is made. A website is made, Now a blog. Next.... a store. Something like this for our town is just what it needed. We don't have anything like this around here. And more importantly.. this is what I needed. I love doing this. I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with you. I'll post about success and the stresses. Please feel free to chime in on this journey with me. It will be a blast.  Feel free to email me:  

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  1. the cakes are beautiful!! It sounds like the Lord has opened doors for you, I will follow along and pray =)

    Because of Him,