Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Behind the Scenes

When a performer comes on stage, the audience raves about their performance, whether singing, acting, dancing, whatever. What they usually don't see or may not pay attention to are the tons of others behind the scenes that are working hard to help make the one's on stage look good. One thing that I want to make sure of in beginning this business is for you to know the one's working behind the scenes for Tummie Yummies.

Thomas Grubbs is my husband. Not only is he a HUGE support for me in whatever I do, but he is also hard at work behind the scenes helping me with this business. When I first started out baking and such, he would help by taking care of the kids in the evenings so that I could bake. He would also help me clean up in the kitchen most of the time after we are finished testing recipes and such or experimenting with fondant designs.
This new venture is also his new venture. He has taken a big interest in making these cakes with me. He is an awesome fondant roller and can make awesome figures as you may have seen the snowman on the wintery Christmas cake and the Lego man on the lego cake. Both of these are his work. He is very creative and keeps coming up with new ideas for cupcake flavors and such.
He is also the TY Bakery web designer. That is something I would have no clue about, but he has spent and still plans to spend more time working on a website that is user friendly and looks awesome. I couldn't do this without him. He is such a huge part of the TY Bakery.

Other people that are helping are the supporters. Those who encourage, advise, and assist in the business details. Dee Spruce is a friend of mine who is a business coach. She has been working with me for some time now assisting me with business know how and getting things off the ground. My mother-in-law, Janice Grubbs has taken it upon herself to help promote me in Virginia through her friends salon, Do or Dye. My father-in-law, Thom Grubbs, is helping with photography. Then there are others who I mustn't forget. It is people like my mother, Cindy May, who have encouraged me from the git go, not knowing whether it would be a success or not. Just with supportive and loving words, giving me what I really needed to be successful, and that was he being mom.

Many others, like perhaps yourself, who just send a brief message saying a cake looks awesome or through the look on an 8 year olds face when he gets a cake and he is filled with such excitement. These sorts of things are really what make doing what I do so worth while.

One that is last but not least, is Jesus Christ. He is the reason why I even can do what I do. He has given me this gift and this opportunity. He is the whole reason why I have such great people to count on. He is worth living for and giving my best for.

Know as you buy your pastries, cakes, or whatever Tummie Yummie you choose, know that there are many behind the scenes working to give you the very best we have to offer!! May your day be sweet and filled with all things good!!
From our Bakery to your home,
God bless!!

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