Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Right tool for the job

Have you ever tried  to tighten a screw with a dime or trim grass around a post with a pair of scissors. While it may have worked, it is frustrating. Having the right tool for the job is essential for being more efficient at your work. I keep collecting tools to replace my make shift items. Where I once used a clean salt shaker top to make small fondant circles, I now have small cutters. I must say that I felt very ingenuitive coming up with different ways to make due with what I had. Very resourceful. While rolling fondant one day with my wood rolling pin, which is about 12" long, and noticing that getting an even thickness across took so very long, I hoped their was an easier way. On my next shopping trip out I looked at different rollers. I found the perfect one. At about twice the length I found my new fondant roller, perfect for the job. So excited, I opened it and thought, "Now I am ready." Upon inspection from my husband, a small divot was found in the roller. I contemplated keeping it since it was already purchased, the store I bought it from was an hour and a half away, and I was ready to use it. I just couldn't keep it though. The reason for buying it was to increase ease in making the fondant look its best. Even the smallest divot would cause blemishes in the fondant and I can't have that. So back in the packaging it went. Now it sits on my counter, all wrapped up, ready to be exchanged at the store. 

Another item that I am so glad to have is my turntable. Holding my cakes in the palm of my hand while with the other trying to work, I thought, "What if I drop this cake?" The idea of that was not acceptable. Time and money then wasted and my time and money is scarce. So I bit the bullet once more and purchased the Wilton Trim 'n Turn Cake Turntable. It has a non slip gripper on the bottom as well as a non slip grip on the platform for your cake. The ease it gives me to put on my butter-cream frosting or work on detailing was so worth the investment. No more fears about dropping the cake. Sure, I could have come up with other jerry rigs, but this just seemed like a no-brainer.

 A good knife, a stand mixer with its different attachments, baking pans, baking spray (priceless), and numerous other things that I just couldn't do without. To some these may seem like the basics, to others frivolous. I know flash back to those times when I didn't have a screwdriver around and so used a dime instead or when my weed eater broke and thus used scissors trim certain places in the yard.

Having the right tool for the job not only saves you stress, but also time!!

What are some tools that you just can't do without now or what are some jerry rigs that you have come up with in the past?

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